Leaf Wetness Sensor-1

Leaf Wetness

The fiberglass construction of the Leaf Wetness Sensor (LWS) mimics a healthy leaf. Only .65 mm thick, the LWS measures frost accumulation, surface wetness after a rain event, and heavy fogs and mists that a rain gauge may not register. Compliment a weather station, or use the LWS to predict the water holding capacity of a plant canopy.

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  • SENSOR DIMENSIONS 11.2 cm x 5.8 cm x .075 cm
  • EXPECTED LIFETIME 2+ years of continuous use. Lifetime can be extended by using UV spray on the sensor.
  • CABLE LENGTH 5m standard cable length. Longer cable lengths are available upon request
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Product Overview
Overview of the LWS 
  • Plugs into Em50 Series Logger
  • Mimics a Leaf Surface
  • Gives Surface Wetness Reading