Em50 Series Data Loggers


The design goals of our data loggers are simple— create easily deployable, low maintenance, no-programming data loggers. The result is the Em50 Series. Cellular and solar options give these “plug-and-play” data loggers a long field life, without hassle.


Our Em50 is ideal for sites that are easily accessible. Like all Em50 Series Data Loggers, this manual-download data logger is enclosed in a weather proof case, and does not require programming. The Em50 requires very little power and will operate for 6-12 months on 5 AA batteries.

Em50 Solar

Our EM50 Solar provides the same level of simplicity as the Em50, but with an integrated solar panel built in to take battery life even further. This is perfect for situation where visits to the site are infrequent and there is no necessity for remote data access. Our solar powered loggers can only be used with rechargeable AA nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, and can be powered for 2-3 years on one set of batteries.


Our Em50G cellular enabled data logger provides the same ease of use as the Em50 with the added benefit of a GSM cellular module which allows for remote data access. 5 AA batteries will power the Em50G for 6 months in standard use conditions. Cellular connectivity and data submission frequency will affect battery life. Use our webviewer and DataTrac 3 software to access your data from anywhere, anytime.

Em50G Solar

Our Em50G Solar logger gives you the added benefits of a 2-3 year extended batter life and remote data access using GSM cellular. Orient the logger toward the solar horizon, and you won’t have to visit this logger for years.

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  • SOLAR BATTERIES Uses only 5 AA NiMH — Solar panel must be oriented towards optimal sunlight.
  • ENCLOSURE DIMENSIONS 12.7 cm x 20.3 cm x 5.1 cm
  • ENCLOSURE Weatherproof, impact and UV resistant, rated IP55, NEMA 3R
  • INPUT PORTS 3.5 mm “stereo jack” connector for use with Decagon sensors
  • STANDARD BATTERIES 5 High Quality AA Batteries
  • CELLULAR DATA TRANSMISSION 6 transmissions per day is standard. Non-standard options available upon request.
  • CELLULAR FREQUENCY Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM/GPRS for use worldwide.
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Product Overview
Overview of the Em50 Series
  • Solar Options Available
  • Cellular Enabled Options Available
  • Operates on AA Batteries